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Cutler Collins Crowell III

The Project

This is the Project page. It let's you see what I'm currently working on in my free time, and it helps me keep somewhat focused (I like to wander on to other projects). So have a look around, tell me what you think, and check back in sometime soon. Later.

Alright. So the current project I'm working on is a full length 3d animated movie. Sound simple? it's not. I started working on it in early December, and I'm still only in the very very early stages. Basically... I have a plot, and an idea of what everything needs to look like. Now comes the fun part of actually making everything. So I get to go into 3D studio max and crank out these models of the different characters, which are all composed of not much more than a bunch of vertices and faces (little dots and surfaces between them). It's very time consuming... and I still don't know how to do everything with the program yet. So it'll give me something to do in my free time (for a couple years maybe), and I guarantee when it's done it will be very cool... check out what I've done so far:

Well... I don't want to give away the plot quite yet... so I'm just gonna give you a few quick peeks, just to give your imagination something to play with. When I set about creating the plot and the characters... I wanted to make a movie that would be uplifting. I wanted the plot to be complex, but something everyone could relate to, but I also wanted to do something new. I wanted to create characters that looked and behaved unlike anything I had ever seen before. My goal for this movie is to move someone. I want someone to sit down, watch it, and then leave thinking "Wow, I've never thought of that before," or "I've never seen anything like that before," or even "What is he trying to tell us?" Basically... I have the idea I want to convey, and I need to direct the movie in that direction, it's very tough. Props to all directors :)

Ok... here's the bad people... alien... mean... bad. To create these things (no gender) I just tried to give my interpretation of what pure evil would look like, which was no easy task. I don't know if I succeeded or not yet, because a lot of their character will be defined by their actions... so I guess we'll just have to see... let's hope they're bad :)

And here's the good guy (remember... very very early stages). I was also trying to play around with some textures, since one of the opening shots involves some statues... hence the marble look... but the real guy will look like a wolf, I hope.

The Ambiculum

Marble Wolf


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