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Sustainable Sources Of Healthy Protein For A Growing World Population

Pacific Marine Farms, Inc.
Fort Bragg, California

World's Largest Abalone/Shrimp/Salmon Farm

Responding to the soaring demand for quality seafood -- and to the growing depletion of ocean and freshwater seafood resources -- Pacific Marine Farms, Inc. (PMF) is planning a large-scale aquaculture facility aimed at dominating the high-end marine delicacy market for abalone.

On ocean-front property leased from the Georgia Pacific Corporation, PMF plans to install abalone raceways with a total capacity at build-our for more than 30 million abalone.  Ahead of abalone production (a five year growth cycle), PMF will also grow shrimp and Coho salmon as a quick source of cash flow for the operation.  No processing of seafood will be done on the premises -- all products are shipped live to existing markets (although provisions are also being made for processing at another location.)

Key to the success of this concept is the 33-acre site at Fort Bragg, California, (125 mi. north of San Francisco) with access to low-cost steam for the shrimp tanks, below market electricity for pumping, and access to both sea-water and brackish ground water.  In addition, the lease includes industrial buildings with more than 73,000 sq. ft. under roof for the shrimp operation.  Fishing and lumber are presently in decline in this area, where PMF intends to make aquaculture a major new industry providing jobs paying far above the minimum wage.